Thermcheq W1

Dolphin's Thermcheq W1 is a portable non-contact infrared thermal scanning device. Its unique design helps to ensure more precise thermal measurement. This device can measure the body temperature in the forehead or wrist and results are delivered in seconds. Non contact feature reduces the risk of contamination while reducing the cost of employing a staff. It measures the temperature and logs the time as well and provide audible feedback.

It can work outside if ambient temperature is below 50 degrees. Operation of this device is comparatively much easier to the traditional method and priced at a much affordable rate. It is extremely handy to be used anywhere and in any location. It can be connected to security camera systems or access control systems

  • Auto body temperature scan with no contact
  • Multiple High temperature warning mode
  • High temperature will send signal to the host
  • LCD screen backlight screen color alarm
  • Face Symbol Warning
  • Unit convertions of the temperature
  • 99 sets of memory
  • 0 to 0.5 ft distance
  • Easy use in Security Systems
  • Detects High Temperature Snapshot
  • Detects High Temperature Snapshot
  • Displays Time
  • Can Record Video on High Temperature Detection if connected to CCTV Camera, NVR, DVR or Decorder
  • Work with 2*AA battery or USB Power bank
  • 2*AA Battery can standby around 60 days - Super ECO
Memory 99 Temperature Measurement
Measurement Range Human body measurement range: 33 ~ 45℃, Environment measurement range: 0 ~ 50℃
Normal Temperature Green (34 ~ 37.3℃)
High Temperature Yellow (37.4 ~ 38 ℃)
Super High Temperature Red (above 38 ℃)
Face symbol temp range 37.7 ℃
Setting range 37.3℃ - 39.1 ℃
Face symbol temp range 37.7 ℃
Normal Temperature no alarm output
Abnormal Temperature alarm signal output
Note Alarm output is only available on special Scanner model
Body Temperature 5 ~ 45 ℃


Temperature can be scanned in less than 5 seconds.

Yes, there is a memory reading that counts the number of readings measures.

Yes, it requires 2 AA battery for functioning.

It has a warranty period of 2 years.

Yes, it can be carried to different places for safety at all times.


The screen is 2.8 inch with a large backlight LCD display

It speaks 2 languages: English and Hindi

Yes, we can also use the device as a desk top and with a tripod with 2 adjustments.

No, it is a separate purchase

he temperature can scan from less than 15 cm distance.