THERMCHEQ K3 Pro Infrared Thermometer

Dolphin Thermcheq K3 Pro is a new upgraded infrared Thermometer with a fast temperature measurement accuracy. It is a contactless temperature reading machine which is super light and can be transported anywhere. It can also can be used even with a tripod. K3 adopts a new sensor and motherhood board for an accurate temperature measurement compared to the mercury thermometer . It has real time temperature data export function when connected to a computer. It has additional features of power saving and automatic wake up functions.

  • Contactless temperature detecting machine: +/-0.1
  • Infrared sensor fast temperature reading
  • 30 sets of temperature record feature
  • Alarm function: High temperature warning
  • High-Definition LCD display : 5 meters viewing distance for easy reading
  • Data export Function : Export data when connected to computer
  • USB power supply or 4AA batteries
  • Can be used with or without a tripod


Yes, it can be taken in less than 0.1 sec

The data can be connected to a computer and the contents can be easily transferred.

30 sets of temperature record

Yes , it requires 4 AA batteries.

It has a one year warranty period.


Yes it is convenient to carry for extra safety.

Yes, it does alert when temperature is high.

The high definition LCD display indicates the temperature with color display.