Thermal Sensor Kiosk - T1 is a contactless body temperature measurement device. The facial temperature scanner uses AI solutions and infrared camera to detect temperature in a few seconds and with high accuracy. It has integrated design, is easy to install. It is convenient to use in any big or small space. It also has ability to record data and available via dash board if that feature is enabled

  • Temperature sensor system: Contactless temperature detection with efficiency and accuracy
  • Face analytics camera: Detects a person walk in. It can also do mask detection
  • Temperature Alarm: Detects a person with abnormal temperature and raise an alarm and send email notification.
  • Easy Management : Easy monitoring program to manage data

  • Easy to operate, user can manage the system anywhere as long as he has internet access
  • Support online edit program and release program
  • Support visually make a program, can preview the program immediately
  • Support centrally manage the system, but every terminal will download the program and play locally
  • Networking based, central control of multiple kiosks
  • Remotely control, such as restart, volume adjust, system upgrade
  • Support temperature data management
  • Android OS, support to customize Windows OS
  • Support Ethernet, WIFI network, and can customize 3/4G function
  • Easy to use web-based Display software to upload contents to display: Can add or remove contents based on requirement and public announcements
  • Industrial level design, support 24/7 working
  • Can be placed at any location or area for easy access
  • Easy plug port connection and self-explanatory device
  • Can be used with any stand for easier varied height
Display Screen 8.0 inch IPS LCD
Resolution 800 x 1280
CPU RK3288 Quad Core
Focusing Distance 50 ~150cm
1:N Face Recognition Supported
1:1 Face Comparison Supported
Stranger Detection Supported
Upgrade Remotely Supported
Camera Specifications:
Sensor 2 MP CMOS
Aperture 1/2.7"
Frame Rate 30 FPS
Illuminance 0.01 Lux
Temperature Range -22°F -158°F
Connectivity USB 2.0


Yes this device can support ethernet and can be connected to Wi-fi network

This supports Android OS and Windows system for data storage

This device can be mounted 3 ways : as a wall mount, can be used as a desktop and with a stand

The units are managed using Dolphin’s software Paladion which supports face recognition and temperature measurement.

It does not have an alarm. It indicates if the person has fever with a red light indication.


Yes, with the help of our software we can make adjustments in the system set up for database management.

It can hold only one photo per person.

The kiosk supports 16 languages including English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Italian, polish, German, Russian, Thai, Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Czech and Romanian.

Attach a mouse and press center button, use the on screen keyboard to enter the password, click Face Database, take a picture of the employee you are saving to the face recognition database and set name and employee ID. This process takes about 15-30 seconds.